Robert’s Story

Robert came to us after suffering from depression since early adulthood. He had tried numerous antidepressant medications that were either ineffective or had too many intolerable side effects. Robert lacked motivation to do anything, was fatigued, and in a state of dysphoria day in and day out. His depression was taking a toll on him and on his relationships with family and friends.

Finally, Robert had enough and sought out help in Greenbrook TMS therapy. Over his treatment course, Robert noticed that he was able to think more clearly and quickly than before and said he “feels less slowed down.” When starting TMS he was quiet, did not converse, and avoided eye contact. After a few weeks, Robert chatted happily throughout treatments. He showed active interest in starting conversation and made eye contact easily. Robert also noticed improvements in his mood, energy levels, motivation, and anxiety. His family commented that he seemed happier, was smiling and laughing like his old self, and seemed calmer. Robert attributes this success to Greenbrook TMS therapy.

Robert, age 62

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