Meet Christine

When Christine came in for Greenbrook TMS Therapy, she had been struggling with her Depression since early adolescence. In recent months she described feeling down and hopeless every day, having increased appetite and hardly any energy and lacking interest or pleasure in activities she normally enjoyed. She experienced frequent tearfulness, depressed mood, flat affect, suicidal ideation, history of weight gain due to medications, and frequent migraines  She was plagued by guilt because her Depression prevented her from being fully engaged and present with her precocious 6-year old daughter. Christine had little response to antidepressants over the years.

When her psychiatrist recommended Greenbrook TMS Therapy, Christine decided to give it a try. After six weeks Christine confidently states “TMS has given me my life back.” How are things different for Christine now?  She maintains a much-improved, loving, and uplifting relationship with her daughter and she has been more productive at work; her co-workers even commented on her better mood! Christine’s sleep improved, her migraines went away completely, and she implemented a diet and exercise plan to maintain her mood and weight. Christine reports that she continues to feel better day by day. 

Christine, age 35

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