Joseph's Story

I suffered for a good number of years with depression and sleepless nights. After dealing with depression for better than 30 years, I had been on probably 12 different types of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. I was willing to tolerate the bad side effects from the medication if they were to work right but they just weren’t doing their job. The doctors weren’t sure if the depression was causing the sleeplessness, or the sleeplessness causing the depression, but I’d gone from two or three hours of sleep a night to no hours of sleep a night. It was horrible. I was hopeless.

My wife researched other options, and we learned about Greenbrook TMS Therapy. By the time I finished treatment, my sleep had increased to six or seven hours. It was just wonderful. Within a week of completing treatment, I was up to eight hours. The headaches are gone, the result of fatigue has greatly been reduced. Now, my wife and I go out and eat, we see a movie, I circulate with friends. I’m back to almost a completely normal life. To me, Greenbrook TMS is a miracle.

-Joseph, 80

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