Emily's Story

I have had depression symptoms since college, so a very long time and the majority of my life. Working with my therapist we worked through at least a dozen traumatic events in my life. I have been on various medication(s) since college. I have had on and off therapists for talk therapy since 2005. My current therapist, who recommended TMS, I have been seeing since August 2018. She and I have been completing EMDR to help me better deal with the major traumatic events in my life. I chose TMS therapy, because it was my least invasive choice that I had before me on a list given to me by my therapist. I was moody, mercurial, sad, and crying most of the day.

I firmly believe that I felt relief from my overbearing, all consuming depression after my very first twenty-minute session. I have felt as if a grey cloud or blanket has been lifted from my life. I am seeing brighter colors. I have patience with strangers. I am able to complete large, complicated tasks once again.

Try it. You can do it. A positive attitude is key. Relay any concerns or questions that you have to your technician because he/she can help you. Candance was my technician. I love Candance. There are not two ways about this subject. She will love in my heart for the rest of my life. I am so very grateful to have been guided by her and received the positive attitude that she just emits, every single day.

-Emily, 55

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