Wanda's Story

 I started having depression issues right around age 13. I was crying, feeling suicidal, not really thinking that life was worth living. I started taking medications around age 24, after my first daughter was born. I was really isolated. I was getting irritated and angry, those type of emotions, very easily. I didn’t find much joy very often, if at all. There was situational joy, like when I got married I was happy for a little while, things like that. I just never felt really happy.

Once I started Greenbrook TMS Therapy, I started getting better pretty quickly. I’m talking more, I’m not reading and hiding as much as I used to. It’s made me more open for intimacy and more willing to initiate. Now I do feel like I can sit down and enjoy the things I used to do, like a puzzle or crocheting again. My interests are back. I’m thinking of the future. I actually wrote a bucket list of what I want to complete before I’m 50.

Even if I had to complete TMS treatment every year, I would. I hope I don’t have to, but I would. I’m looking forward to being me, but better. 

-Wanda, 47

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