Tessa's Story

I’d always played soccer and I’ve always been very busy, so I never really had time to focus on my mental health. In high school I started noticing that I was feeling different. I didn’t have the same energy and I never really said anything about it or acknowledged it because I was expected to perform in the classroom and on the field. In college, it was a different time. I was getting adjusted to the different lifestyle and trying to deal with soccer and school and social life.

When I first started getting treatment for my depression, the medications I tried weren’t working well together. I was calling my mom at one in the morning crying because I was just so sad. I didn’t feel like myself. Then a family member told me about Greenbrook TMS and said that it might be able to help me. 

I couldn’t pinpoint a moment where things started to feel better but a few days into treatment at Greenbrook TMS, I was waking up at six to go to the gym, I was making so much art and was just really able to express myself. I was walking dogs to make extra money. I wanted to do things. Something as simple as running an errand or making dinner for myself and my family. People were even telling me I seemed a lot happier and a lot different, which is when it really hit me that I was getting better.

I just wish I has been open about how I felt sooner. I’ve felt this way since I was 16. I missed out on a lot of things with my depression but now I don’t. Life is too short to be unhappy all the time, and there’s people that care and want you to get better. If you take this chance on yourself, it’ll make a world of difference and you’ll be able to live the life you want to live.

-Tessa, 23

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