Sophia's Story

I’d had depression my whole life. Over the years, I saw different psychiatrists and therapists, and over the years I’ve tried 52 different medications. I felt like I was spending my life at the pharmacy. I’m very medication resistant. I even had a consultation with one of the head people over at the National Institutes of Mental Health who created some of these medications. I’ve tried every avenue, including Electroconvulsive Therapy. After a while, you just lose hope.

I was desperate to try anything that had a half a chance of working. After you’ve been on so many medications, you really start losing hope. I was really losing hope but I was trying to keep an open mind. When I started treatment at Greenbrook TMS Therapy, knowing myself, I thought it would be two months before I noticed any difference. But I honestly could tell the difference after the first treatment, with my anxiety. I wasn’t quite as overwhelmed by everyday activities and I was more able to do activities, like family events. Before, I’d feel too depressed to do them, but I noticed that I was able to get to them more easily and to be happier. The few people that knew I was doing treatment could tell the difference in my personality.

I believe in it so much. I’ve had depression and anxiety, I’ve been on medication and ECT, I’ve met with the top people at NIH, I’ve been inpatient, I’ve done group therapy, private therapy. I’ve done everything and nothing really helped. And TMS Therapy helped. 

-Sophia, 54

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