Meet Jessica

Jessica came to us after numerous unsuccessful medication attempts. As a self-employed contractor, she was maintaining a busy and ever-changing schedule.  Jessica was holding on by a thread, plagued with anxiety and fatigue. In addition, she struggled with PTSD. After incorporating years of EMDR therapy, exercise, yoga, and acupuncture Jessica decided she needed more help with her depression and anxiety.

Throughout her six weeks of Greenbrook TMS Therapy, Jessica noticed many changes that she credits to Greenbrook TMS. She became very personable, jovial, and opened up during treatment about current stressors. Jessica self-reported the following changes throughout treatment: increased energy and focus, desire to set goals, less fear around confronting issues or trauma within therapy, more enjoyment of exercise, and less extreme response to stress.  She continues to work with her therapist using EMDR which will help her maintain the treatment effect- remission from her depression.

Jessica, age 52

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