Josie's Story

When I was depressed, even though I was on Prozac I continued to be sad. It worked for a little while and my doctor kept switching my antidepressants but over the course of decades nothing really helped. I would still suffer bouts of depression. I remember experiencing depression at one point where I couldn’t even talk, which was probably the most painful experience I had because I was totally non-functional.

I started Greenbrook TMS Therapy and I had wonderful Technicians that were very kind and entertaining, so every 20 minute session would go by so fast and I really looked forward to them because I had this attitude that with every session, I was getting better. And the technicians were so good at explaining everything to me. I felt like we were a team. I noticed a difference after two weeks, it was unbelievable. I quit crying, I had a real lift in my mood, and I started telling everybody about it. My close friends would remark and compliment me and say “Wow! That’s our old Josie.”

I used to get tremendous pleasure out of reading, but I’d given that up. Now I’m back to reading again. I enjoy those simple pleasures. I went back to my fitness habits, I enjoyed cooking again, entertaining friends. It really helped me socially. I’ve come to realize that antidepressants aren’t cookie-cutter. Everyone’s brain is different. I consider myself a well-balanced person but this depression was just a plague that went on for decades. I couldn’t brag more about the results. I’m off all of my antidepressant medications. If my depression ever comes back, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Greenbrook TMS.

-Josie, 67

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