Dereck's Story

I started struggling with depression about 10 years ago. I had tried different medications and talk therapy but none of them were working for me. About three years ago my psychiatrist recommended that I try TMS Therapy. The first time two times I tried it, each time was a period of a lot of transition. My mom had a stroke the first time, and the second time she passed. After she passed, I went into a deep depression and struggled with substance abuse issues. Once I had dealt with those issues, I decided to try TMS again. It had worked for me a little bit in the past so I thought if I could get a least a little benefit from it, it was worth it.

Now, I find myself doing things that are good for me without even thinking about it. I’m going to see my doctor about some health issues that I’m having, which normally I wouldn’t care enough about myself to do that. I’m going to depression support groups. I used to just lie in bed and think about how bad I felt—now on my bad days, I’m able to at least watch TV or go for a walk. That’s something I never used to do before.

I feel better, and I would credit that to the treatment itself but also to interacting with the staff at Greenbrook TMS. When I voice a negative thought, they help me talk through it and I’m able to remind myself that things are actually better than they used to be. I look back on how I used to act and just can’t understand my behavior. I would lay in bed all day, I wouldn’t eat anything, I wouldn’t shower. I can’t believe that was me. Even on my bad days now, I’m able to be productive. 

-Dereck, 51

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