Danielle's Story

I’d had depression for a very long time. It was chronic, and I was always on antidepressant medication. Sometimes I would have bouts where the depression got worse and I’d need to go on more medication, which is what happened right before I got treatment through Greenbrook TMS. A friend of mine had passed away unexpectedly and it had really thrown me for a loop that my medication couldn’t pull me out of. It was a very dark time. I was very argumentative with my husband, I didn’t want to do anything with him. Unfortunately, whenever I get depressed I get irritable and anxious, and I cry a lot. That’s where I was. Just having to force myself to go to work was tough.

My doctor gave me the option of taking more medication or trying TMS, and I didn’t want to take another pill—I wanted to try something different. I started treatment with Greenbrook TMS and by the 17th session, it was like somebody had flipped a switch. My husband definitely noticed. His nickname for me is “Ladybug” and he’d say, “I’m starting to see glimpses of the Bug again! I think the Bug is back!” I wasn’t hiding in bed anymore, I was going outside to sit on the porch.

I’m thankful for Greenbrook TMS. I am. I never have a doubt that it would make some change, but I never expected the change that it made. I mean, truthfully. I never expected the extent of how helpful it was and just how that light switch went off for me. I wish I knew about it years ago. I do feel so much better, the clarity of my thoughts… I feel like the old me.

-Danielle, 59

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