How Freespira Works

Freespira is a clinically-proven treatment that measures your CO2 and breathing rate in real time and teaches you to breathe differently in the comfort and convenience of your home. A Greenbrook clinician will teach you how to use Freespira and then you perform two 17 minute breathing sessions per day, at home, over four consecutive weeks. You may feel some shortness of breath, dizziness or lightheadedness in the first few sessions during the first week. No serious adverse events have been reported in clinical trials or commercial use.

Freespira includes a graphic display of exhaled CO2 on a handheld tablet, which shows you if your breathing is within or outside of the normal range. Unlike other breathing Apps, Freespira provides breath-to-breath feedback and accurate exhaled CO2 levels via a dedicated sensor, to insure that you are correctly training your body to maintain healthy exhaled CO2 levels while stabilizing your respiration rate. Your breathing session information is uploaded to the cloud via a secure server to enable Greenbrook to review your progress weekly.