Greenbrook Board of Directors Sasha Cucuz
Sasha Cucuz

Sasha Cucuz

As the CEO of Greybrook Securities Inc., Sasha, is responsible for co-managing the firm's operation and investment strategy. Together with his partners, Sasha has played a significant role in growing Greybrook’s real estate investment portfolio to include over 80 multi-family and residential development projects throughout North America, representing over $17 billion worth of estimated completion value. Under Sasha’s leadership, the firm currently manages over $1.2 billion of equity on behalf of more than 6,800 high net worth individual and institutional clients located in over 30 countries. Sasha also serves as the Co-chair of Greybrook’s Investment and Project Advisory Committees where he is part of the team responsible for approving new acquisitions and overseeing existing limited partnerships.

As the former CEO of Greybrook Health Inc., Sasha has been involved instrumental in several key transactions throughout the Greybrook Health portfolio including the acquisition of MacuHealth, LLC and Bruder Healthcare Inc. and financings for portfolio companies including TearLab Inc. In 2011, in his capacity as CEO of Greybrook Health, Sasha co-founded Greenbrook.

In addition to being a member of the Board of Directors of Greenbrook, Sasha is also a Director of Neupath Health Inc., Canada's largest provider of Chronic Pain services.

Charitably, Sasha serves on the boards of the Greybrook Foundation and the Blu Genes Foundation.