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Is It Depression or Just a Bad Week?
Sometimes depression isn’t obvious, and when you see someone every single day it can be hard to notice gradual changes in their behavior and mood. But these small changes can be signs that your spouse or family member is struggling with depression and needs help, even if they don’t want to reach out for it. Here are 8 signs that you should be on the lookout for:
Summertime Seasonal Affective Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs during a specific season. Most people with SAD experience it during the fall and winter; it`s believed that the shorter days and lack of sunlight during these months lead to the changes in circadian rhythm which cause SAD. However, an estimated 10% of those with SAD experience difficulty in the spring and summer.
“Why Don`t you Just Man Up?”: Men`s Mental Health
NBA player Kevin Love`s words from an essay on his struggles with anxiety attacks and mental health resonate with many. From athletes and actors to members of Britain`s Royal Family, men’s mental health is emerging into the global conversation. Professional athletic organizations such as the NFL have also recognized that the mental health of players is just as important as physical health. Despite these efforts, men continue to struggle with their mental health.
Workplace Mental Health: What Employers & Employees Can Do
Living with a mental illness means working with one, too. Although those struggling with their mental health can have great difficulty engaging in many aspects of life (including their careers), others are able to perform well at work despite how they`re feeling. Even so, The American Psychiatric Association estimates that depression costs up to $200 billion a year through diminished productivity, workplaces absences, and associated healthcare expenditures.
Untreated Depression & Anxiety Linked to Future Memory Loss
Recent University of Sussex findings from the National Child Development Study (NCDS) in Britain have pointed to episodes of depression being associated with loss of memory function later in life. The study, which began in 1958 and involves 18,000 participants from birth onto adulthood, found that more than one period of depression or anxiety in an individual’s 20s-40s predicted cognitive impairment in their 50s.
Tidying Up with Depression
Marie Kondo`s hit Netflix show Tidying Up has inspired people around the world to declutter their homes and help makes their lives less stressful. Cleaning out old clothes and knick-knacks does more than free up square footage - it can also be a means of self-care.
Join Greenbrook TMS at This Is My Brave: Baltimore & Houston
Greenbrook TMS is pleased to announce that we`re sponsoring two upcoming This Is My Brave shows in Baltimore, Maryland and Houston, Texas. This Is My Brave is a non-profit organization that gives those suffering from mental illness a platform to share the stories of their struggles and their recoveries. We`re proud to support this organization and the important work that they do in helping to diminish the stigma of mental illness.
Depression Isn`t Just Sadness
Prolonged sadness is the classic hallmark of depression, and it`s the symptom that’s most often discussed when people recognize depression in themselves and others. But recent light has been shed on another common but rarely acknowledged symptom: anger.
Heads Together: Britain’s Royal Family Works to End Mental Health Stigma
At the Davos World Economic Forum, Prince William advocated for greater mental health awareness, noting that “there are still so many people suffering in silence.” Prince William says his own mental health had suffered while he was serving as an Air Ambulance pilot because of the trauma-related nature of the job, especially in cases involving children. Watch as he discusses why mental health education and treatment is vital:
When Does Stress Turn Into Caregiver Burnout?
In a recent essay for USA Today, actor Rob Lowe wrote of the stress of being a caregiver for his ailing mother and called for greater awareness of and help for caregiver burnout. Lowe writes that, along with his brother, “we did everything we could to support [his mother], from hospitals to hospice care. I often felt overwhelmed, and that was even with all the support I had from my brothers and colleagues.”
Too Tired for Sunshine: Capturing Depression Through Art
Photographer Tara Wray spoke to NPR in a recent interview about her book of photos titled Too Tired for Sunshine, which captures Wray’s struggle with depression. The photographs—some bleak, others innocuous—show a world in which everyday scenes mirror life with mental illness. In one, the shadow of a gnarled tree is cast against the side of a darkened house. In another, a dog gazes at the camera through a blurred, rainy car window.