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Guidance on Dating Someone with Depression
Dating someone with depression can be equal parts frustrating and heartbreaking. One moment, all you want is to take away their pain; in the next, you may be confused and upset by their behavior. Here's some guidance for dating someone with TRD
Distinguishing the Negative Thought Patterns of OCD
The negative thought patterns associated with OCD are often similar to those associated with depression. Additionally, while we're all prone to occasionally ruminating on negative events or obsessing over issues, that doesn't necessarily indicate OCD. So
What is Low-grade Depression?
These last couple of months, the pressures of everyday life have increased dramatically. From the pandemic to politics, the constant barrage of ever-changing and uncertain news coverage makes it easy to become overwhelmed.
Biological Causes of Treatment-Resistant Depression
There are several potential causes of treatment-resistant depression, and one is genetic makeup. The good news is that there are constructive ways to find your own path toward effective symptom treatment—DNA does not define destiny.