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The Greenbrook TMS Difference
In a recent interview, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Geoffrey Grammer, discussed the unique experience that Greenbrook TMS offers patients with treatment-resistant depression.
What Is High-Functioning Depression?
When many people think of depression, they may think in terms of extremes. They imagine a stereotype—someone who's unable to get out of bed, can't stop crying, or doesn't want to leave the house.
4 Signs Antidepressants Aren't Working for You
Finding the best depression treatment for you can be a matter of trial and error, and you may encounter some setbacks along the way. When you reach a setback, how do you decide which route to take next?
TMS FAQs: How Long before TMS Works?
If you've been dealing with treatment-resistant depression, you've likely already tried several depression medications or therapies. Maybe they only partially worked, or didn't work at all, so now you're considering TMS therapy.