Greenbrook Featured on WSLS 10 News
Greenbrook’s Medical Director of our Roanoke Center, Dr. Joseph Iskandar, was recently featured on WSLS 10 News for a segment on how Greenbrook TMS Therapy is bringing depression relief to Roanoke and the surrounding areas.
TMS Tuesdays
Greenbrook’s Medical Director of Greater Baltimore Dr. Hanita Chhabra, will be on Navy Radio every Tuesday at 2pm through June 12th.
Continuing our Mission to Overcome Depression
Since opening in 2011, Greenbrook has provided over 125,000 treatments to more than 3,500 patients in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Delaware. We've helped patients like Marti:
Greensboro Open House: February 22nd
Greenbrook is hosting an Open House event on February 22nd, 2018 from 6-8 pm at our Greensboro, North Carolina location. Dr. Reddy and Dr. McKinney will be on hand to answer any questions you have about TMS Therapy. Light refreshments will be served.
Why Don't People Seek Help for Depression?
Although depression is the major leading cause of disability worldwide according to the World Health Organization, the vast majority of people suffering from this condition never seek treatment. What keeps people from reaching out and getting help?
Ending Mental Illness Stigma, One Story at a Time
Do you have a story to share? This is My Brave is a non-profit organization that gives those suffering from mental illness a platform to share the stories of their struggles and their recoveries.
What Does TMS Therapy Feel Like?
We often get asked questions regarding what TMS Therapy feels like. Most patients have a comfortable experience throughout their TMS Therapy sessions. Sometimes a light tapping sensation to the scalp can be felt that eventually dissipates as the patient acclimates to treatment. For the few who experience discomfort, it often has to do with an individual’s anatomy and not their innate pain threshold. Discomfort can arise from inadvertent stimulation of a scalp or facial nerve.
Treating Depression: Changing Lives Everyday
Greenbrook TMS opened its doors in 2011 with an inspiring mission: to change the lives of those struggling with Depression. Bill Leonard, President and CEO of Greenbrook TMS, talks more about this mission in our newest video.

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