Why NFL’s First In-House Mental Health Professional Is So Important
Tish Guerin, on staff for the Carolina Panthers, is leading the way as the first mental health professional to round out a National Football League team’s usual staff of general physicians, nutritionists, trainers, and other specialists. While other NFL teams have been known to outsource mental health specialists when needed, the shift of many major sports leagues and college athletics to in-house professionals is one necessary for the structure of athletic culture and life.
Student Athletes Advocate for Mental Health
Congratulations to Greenbrook's summer intern, Olivia Lubarsky! Olivia, a gymnast at Towson University, started a mental health iniative for student athletes as a sophmore. Thanks to Olivia's work, Towson was selected as one of 15 universities for the We Are All a Little "Crazy" College Campus Tour. The #SameHere Sit Down College Campus Tour will bring the message of mental health awareness to 15 universities across the country.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shares his Depression Story
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently shared his struggle with depression in recent interview. He said that he experienced depression after hitting a critical career setback in his early 20s. He also saw his mother attempt to commit suicide in front of him, an experience that impacted him deeply. After these troubling episodes, Johnson was left struggling and contemplating how he might continue living.
Towson University Student Athletes Tackle Mental Illness
Towson University students recently launched a new initiative called "Own Your Roar" to bring awareness to the mental health of student athletes. The movement was created by Towson sophomore Olivia Lubarsky, a gymnast who says that ...